Geert Wilders The Dutch ‘Populist’ is a Zionist Jew

Geert Wilders Zionist Jew

Geert Wilders (born 1963) is a Dutch politician and is leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV), the third-largest political party in the Netherlands, which he founded in 2004.

Wilders is best known for his anti-Islamization views which have made him a controversial figure in the Netherlands and abroad.

In 2009 the anthropologist Lizzy van Leeuwen revealed Wilders’ Jewish roots in an article in the newspaper “De Groene Amsterdammer“. [1] According to the article Geert Wilders’s maternal grandmother Johanna Meijer who married his grandfather Johan Ording, has been stated to have been from a wealthy Jewish familiy. [1] Which will make Wilders mother Maria Anne Ording a Jew and Geert Wilders himself a Jew according to Jewish Law. [2]

Johanna Ording Meijer, Geert Wilders Indo Dutch Jewish Grandmother.

Wilders grandfather is stated to have been camp commander at an infamous post-WWII Dutch camp Fortes Honswick for “Nazi” collaborators who were tortured. [3]

Geert Wilders has since his youth developed an emotional bond with the Jewish state and has visited Israel at least more than 40 times. As a youngster he went there to work in the Kibbutz, a socialist experiment of collective farming. He felt completely at home upon his arrival in Israel. “It felt like I had been there before,” he says. [4] He supported himself by working long hours in a bread factory and had an abortive relationship with a Jewish girl.

Younger Geert Wilders at a Kibbutz in Israel.

Gert Wilder is married to his second wife the Jewish Hungarian diplomat Krisztina Marfai. [5]

Geert Wilders a Zionist Jew
Geert Wilders and Wife Krisztina Marfai Wilders.

Gert Wilders ties to Zionist State of Israel:
In the past twenty five years Geert Wilders has visited Israel on numerous occasions, where he says he has met former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert personally. [6] He had a very warm relationship with Ariel Sharon for example, whom he still admires. “Sharon was demonized in the West, too, but he was a great politician, and I take an example from him,” Wilders emphasizes. [7]

At one point, Wilders wanted to move to the State of Israel because he believed one could, as opposed to the Netherlands, ‘work for your own money’. [6] Wilders in his youth worked in bread factories  at a Kibbutz/Moshav in Israel. With the money he earned, he traveled through Israel and some nearby countries. In 2003, Wilders stated: “The past years I have visited many interesting countries, from Tunisia to Turkey and from Cyprus to Iran, but nowhere I have that special feeling of solidarity that I always get if I set foot on the Israeli Ben Gurion Airport.” [6]

Wilders is one of the most ardent and loud of Israel’s supporters in Europe, and contrary to many others he does not bother to hide this. He had even insisted on including in the platform of the new Dutch government the intention to improve relations with Israel.
“I am very glad that Israel is the only country mentioned by name in the platform; this will get it the needed attention,” he said “We are Israel’s best friends and we will support it in any way possible.” [7]

Furthermore, Wilders has made some proposals in the Dutch Parliament inspired by Israel. For example, Wilders supports implementing Israel’s administrative detention in the Netherlands, a practice heavily criticized by human rights groups, which he calls “common sense”. [8]

Geert Wilders holds the same view towards Iran as does Israel’s Likud government who see Iran as their enemy. “Iran is the biggest geopolitical threat to Israel, to the stability of the Middle East region, Europe, and the whole world,” Wilders says.
As the Likud government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu has called for military action against Iran at UN. So does Wilders supports military action against Iran. “If Israel decides it has no other option but to strike Iran militarily in order to defend itself against this existential threat, I will understand,” Wilders said. [7]

Geert Wilders is a Zionist who weekly visits the Israeli embassy and and has ties to Israeli government. Currently his being investigated for his ties to Israel and their possible influence on his loyalty by AIVD the Dutch intelligence and security agency. [9]


Geert Wilders a Zionist Jew
Geert Wilders at a Florida synagogue wearing Jewish Yamaka where he received a standing ovation, 2009.



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