Illusion and Reality of Jewish Russian Oligarchs

Illusion and Reality of Jewish Russian Oligarchs

According to Russian News outlet Pravda in their article from 2013, a journalist reported the findings of scientists who based on Forbes Magazine’s list of wealthiest Russians in 2013 traced the ethnicity of those whether they were of Russian, Jewish, Ukrainian and so fort. They found that the largest wealthiest group of the 200 wealthiest Russians were of Russian ethnicity and the second largets group were with Jewish ethnicity. On the group with Jewish ethnicity; Out of top 200 wealthiest Russians 38 people or 19% were Jews. Jews only made 0.11% of total Russian population.

Jewish Russian Oligarchs
Pravda: Myths and Reality of Russian oligarchs, 2013.

Another Russian News outlet had a smiliar article in 2014 where they followed up where Pravda had started the year before and reported on the wealthiest 200 Russians in 2014 and traced their ethnicity. According to, on the group with Jewish ethnicity; Out of top 200 wealthiest Russians 48 people or 25% were Jews. Taking in cosideration the previous year Jews have gained considerable more wealth. article, 2014 reported on.
Ynet News: Report  25% of wealthiest Russians are Jewish, 2014.

It has been reported early in 2000’s by researchers that Vladimir Putin had infighting with wealthy Jewish oligarchs and that he had them jailed or restricted their influence in Russia, thereby insinuating that Jewish oligarchs had no more influence in Russia. But new research and evidence disprove those reports as wealthy Jewish oligarchs are doing extremely well in Russia and being disproportionately represented in the ranks of Russia’s billionaires by perhaps a couple of orders of magnitude. Vladimir Putin may had infighting with up to 5 wealthy Jewish oligarchs in which direction the country should be led but not with the rest of Jewish oligarchs in Russia. Vladimir Putin did not free Russia of Jewish oligarchs influence because Vladimir Putin is close to many of them today. Vladimir Putin surrounding  himself with these Jewish Oligarchs is bound to have an influence on him and thereby Russia.

A list of some of Jewish Russian Oligarchs:

Mikhail Fridman – worth 17,6 billion $
Viktor Vekselberg – worth 17,2 billion $
Leonid Michelson – worth 15,6 billion $
German Khan – worth 9,5 billion $
Roman Abramovich – worth 8,8 billion $
Mikhail Prokhorov – worth 8,1 billion $
Pyotr Aven – worth 5,1 billion $
God Nisanov – worth 4,3 billion $
Oleg Deripaska – worth 3,2 billion $
Yuri Milner – worth 2,8 billion $
Moshe Kantor – worth 2,3 billion $
Eugene Shvidler – worth 1,3 billion $
Boris Romanovich Rotenberg – worth 1 billion $
Arkady Romanovich Rotenberg – worth 1 billion $
(above net worth estimation as of 2016 according to Wikipedia)

Myths and reality of Russian oligarchs

Ynetnews article: Report: 25% of wealthiest Russians are Jewish,7340,L-4587086,00.html

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