Former CIA Officer, Israel Pressured Obama to Drop Two Directors Of National Intelligence.


Further information; Dennis Blair was Director of National Intelligence serving as head of  16 out of 17 intelligence agencies which are military intelligence agencies. The last intelligence agency is CIA which he was not chief of.

Dennis Blair

The Israeli lobby AIPAC put immediately pressure on Dennis Blair over his choice to appoint Charles Freeman as Director of National Intelligence Council which is responsible for producing intelligence estimates and other documents.Charles Freeman would then answer to Dennis Blair.

Charles Freeman

Charles Freeman was known to be critical of Israel in past. The pressure put on Blair and Freeman resulted in Charles being removed from his position and later Blair resigned do to the pressure put on him by AIPAC lobby. DENNIS Blair was also known in past of being critical of Israel. Israel and their lobby AIPAC does this to remove obstacles to their control of US foreign policy and let president Barack Obama be surrounded by a pro Israel men and women that will put pressure on Barack Obama to pursue Israel’s plans for US foreign policy.

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