This site offers good information on the Talmudic-Jewish-Masonic Conspiracy with articles, radio archives, videos, links and links to downloadable exclusive books.
This site was shot down after the Paris Falseflag attack after French government made hate speech laws and started hitting down on Conspiracy Researchers and Daryl was forced to shut down his site or face a prison time. Luckily his site can still be viewed thanks to web.archive.org.

About the site:

We are the anti-Zionist’s “think tank.” We are an important part of the anti-Zionist’s mission to produce and disseminate ideas so that individual and corporate members, as well as policymakers, journalists, students, and interested citizens in the United States and other countries, can better understand the world and how Zionism policy choices are causing serious problems to the American Republic and other nations around the world.

We do that by thinking, writing, and speaking about a broad range of Zionist issues. We are not racist, xenophobic, homophobic, or prejudiced against any race, creed, or national origin. We are prejudiced only against criminals.

Daryl Bradford Smith does not discuss or investigate evidence related to the Holocaust. He will, however, speak about free speech issues and our basic human right to freely exchange ideas.

Link http://web.archive.org/web/20160125215036/http://iamthewitness.com/

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