The Poor Man’s Atom Bomb

By Mike Walsh /

French Professor Robert Faurisson has the ‘keep it simple, stupid’ maxim at the top of his check list. His explanation of what he called ‘the poor man’s atom bomb’ was so priceless I could not bear to be parted from it. The celebrated Holocaust Fraud investigator posed the thought:

faurissonThe Zionist-American Axis has phosphoresced German children, atomized Japanese families, soused Vietnamese civilians with Agent Orange and poisoned Iraqi children with depleted uranium. It is time for the devastated, scorned and humiliated to fight back. The best way to fight back is with what I for many years have called ‘the poor man’s atomic bomb,’ that is, historical revisionism, or real history. This weapon kills and maims no one but it destroys the lies and defamations of the holocaust fantasy. This includes the fantastically profitable libels of the Holocaust Industry. This has been fabulously lucrative for mendacious super-swindlers such as Bernard Madoff, Elie Wiesel, the cohorts of ‘miraculously rescues’ and murderers of the children of Gaza.

That statement is a hard act to follow without possibility of it being dismissed. This simple 116 word statement should be reposted every time we see comment on the fabled holocaust.

1-alberichImagine for a moment the international Jew as a medieval knight in full armour plate arrogantly posing astride the earth’s globe. Inside the suit of armour is Richard Wagner’s Alberich, the hideously grotesque dwarf.

The International Jew is protected by two talismans that protect him from all harm regardless of his sins. In the clutch of his right hand he holds the Sword of Anti-Semitism; in his left hand is clenched the Six Million shield. He cannot afford to lose either; otherwise he is doomed to extinction.

This is Alberich’s get-out-of-gaol magic power; it grants the international Jew the Midas touch. Fewer in numbers than is the population of Singapore, the International Jew, because of these talismans, hold omnipotent power over the earth surface. Remove the sword and shield from him and the suit of armour vaporises.

bibi-at-the-unNaked and unprotected all of his scabrous sores are exposed. This is why the international Jew fights so ferociously to keep his talisman. The International Jew will risk all and everything to maintain his grip on the sword and shield talisman.

There isn’t a sin he will leave untouched to do so: he will buy every last Shabbos Goy, slaughter the bearer of every threat, buy and bribe media, ethnically cleanse, overthrow emperors and dictators, insinuate himself into every body.

There is nothing he fears more than the holocaust fraud investigator probing, lancing the chinks in his armour. Every night Alberich shakes in fear at the thought of fraud investigators dripping acid on to his sword and shield whilst he sleeps.

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